The Crossódromo

Considered one of the best motocross tracks in the world, the Crossódromo Internacional Águeda has a privileged location in central Portugal.
Characterized by being a greatly technical track with a strong color and type of soil, and its peculiar layout, it is the ideal placement to deliver a great show to both riders and the public.


path map MXGP



2Interview Room

3Tv Compound

4Jury Room


6VIP Tribune / Restaurant

7VIP Park


9Org Secretariat

10Paddock Office

11Press Room


13Park Org

14Area / Park all(ys)

15Medical Office

16Bar / Restaurant

17WC Showers

18Test track



21Ticket office

22Motorcycle Park

23WC Public

24PIT Lane

25Waiting Zone

26Technical Area

27Bike Washing Zone

28Staff Restaurant


meter track






MXGP Portugal 2017 - 12 pilotos lusos em pista

Juntamente com Rui Gonçalves, piloto que regressa ao Crossódromo Internacional de Águeda em mais uma temporada a tempo inteiro no campeonato do mundo de MXGP, mais 11 pilotos vão defender as cores lusas em todas as categ [...]

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MXGP Portugal 2017 - Mundial já está em Águeda

Após uma longa viagem que trás equipas e pilotos desde Ottobiano em Itália até Águeda, as equipas do campeonato do mundo de motocross começaram já a fazer notar a sua presença no centro da c [...]

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MXGP Portugal 2017 - 600.000 euros de orçamento

Presidente do Actib (Agueda Action Club) Albano Melo é uma das faces da confiança dos novos anfitriões do MXGP em Águeda. Quatro anos depois o clube assumiu a responsabilidade de voltar a trazer a uma das catedrais do moto [...]

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General info

Glass Bottles will not be allowed inside the track ant it is going to be checked at the entrance.

We offer many alternatives regarding Food & Beverages where you may have a nice meal, snack and a nice drink!

We call your attention for our restaurant in the public zone with great view over the track where you may have a full meal for just 10€ including table service. (Soap, Main Dish, Dessert).

There is also availabe a Grill Spot/Barbecue where it is possible to buy meals to share with your family and friends afterwards. No need to waste time preparing your meal in advance.  

At the "Coffee Station's" you may have as well soft drinks and cocktails or a mix of fresh fruit and natural juices to fight the heat!

Youngsters may have their beloved ice creams and popcorn!

Payment System: Pre-payment, exchanging money for tickets in advance is required. ATM available inside the venue.

Access to the Paddock may be acquired on site and will have a value of €5.

There will be a room prepared to receive people with handicap, with easy access, duly indicated and with good visibility. You can have an escort in this area.

There will two distinct parking areas with restricted access.

The Public Parking for automobiles is placed on the Aerodrome, next to the track. Price: 2€/day.

It is available a Parking for Caravans parallel to the track with restricted access. Price 10€ - two days.

Parking for bikes is inside of MXGP Venue and is free of charge. Helmets, jackets and other belongings may be left safely.

To be announced

The tickets are personal and non-transferable, and valid for the two days. They must be saved and preserved until the end of the event.

Those who have previously purchased their tickets may access the facility directly. Those who have not already purchased them may do so at the Track entrance.

Opening hours: Saturday: 07:00 - 19:00 | Sunday: 07:00 - 17:00

We offer a couple of alternatives for those who want to stay over near the track.

For caravans there will be a specific paking area, right next to the track. The charged value is 10€ for both days. Caravans waste disposal point is right on the city centre (Attend on the map).

There will be a sleepover place at a small park by the river, arud 1km away from the track for both caravan and tents. (Attend on the map).

Since, traditionally, of part of the public ends up camping in the Tracksurroundings, on the outside, there will be some portable toilets.